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Precious Trash

When I was a kid and I heard the word “recycle”, for some reason I always had a vision of the lunch room trash can full of cafateria food that was thrown away. Ha, little did I know that it was something far more precious than a trash can full of spaghetti and half eaten rolls with all those horrible tasting grean peas swirling around the bottom. No,the word “recycle” can be VERY precious, as in Precious Metals.
If people really took the time to realize what our everyday products that we use is made of, then and only then would they be more mindful to recycling. We mine so much from the Earth everyday to manufacture items that we landfill or drop in a lake.

No, I’m not your typical tree hugger, well…maybe I am. Lets’s take just one product and break it down. Let’s say a computer for instance. The typical tower that sits in front of Junior at home , yep, the one with pop tarts mashed in the keyboard. What does the typical consumer do when Junior has finished his last snack over the computer and his fruit drink has shorted out the tower ? Some folks throw it in the closet, some bury it in with other rubbish for the weekly trash collection.

That’s where I come into the picture. Try to find a reputable Recycler or Reclamation Service that wants to keep Electronic Waste out of a  landfill and turn it into Precious Metal. Our Landfills are becoming overwhelmed year over year with Electronic waste. And it isn’t going away. These computers have less Precious Metal content than in years past, but there is still enough to Recycle.

You may say, I don’t know where dispose of it properly,or they aren’t giving me anything for it.  Duh, so you are throwing it in the land fill to pollute?

OK, I’m off the soap box. As I said, there are small amounts of Precious Metals in all Computers, PDA’s Cellphones etc., but if everyone threw them in landfills our streams and water ways would become so polluted, that water would be more of a Precious commodity than the metals that caused the pollution in the first place. Think of it this way, the next time you want to trash a computer or some electrical device, just  give it to a Certified Recycler of E-waste. Then it would be just a little less Silver,Gold,and Platinum that would have to mined. Less mining and reclaiming those items again for our manufaturing needs……That’s what I call Precious Trash!